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About Grenouille Clothing

For last 25 years, the Grenouille brand has been owned by the husband and wife team, Greg and Cindy, under their company House of Dreams Ltd, designing and selling  high quality, uniquely designed, and competitively priced garments.


After much soul searching, Greg and Cindy have decided to retire, giving them more time to spend with their family and pursue their love of travelling.  During January 2021 the brand will moving to its new home, Salamander Shirts Ltd, a company owned by their youngest daughter Vicky and her husband Alex


Both Vicky and Alex have worked with Grenouille for many years and have a desire to see the brand continue to flourish for another 25 years.


For those that don't know where the brand name Grenouille, (French for frog) came from, it was first established over 20 years ago and was the product of one of their most popular designs in production at the time. These were shirts, embroidered with the classic frog logo you know today. 

It goes without saying that we are all very proud of the Grenouille brand and continue to strive daily to offer the highest quality pieces at the best possible prices. We really do hope you enjoy our products and look forward to hearing from you in the future!

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